Behind The September Issue, Aggy's Arrested Development, and Inspiration at Unis

pmlink-0429.jpgThe International Hair Competition celebrates the first 100 days of the Obama Administration with… well… just take a look. (The Frisky)
Mike Albo walks into Unis and walks out with hope for America, faith in the economy, and a pair of khakis. (Racked)
Julia "Bunny Bisous" Frakes predicted Arlen Spector's defection to the Democratic party years ago. Such a pundit that one. (bunnyBISOUS on Twitter)
In some very important ways, Lady GaGa hasn't changed one bit since she was a black-haired newbie with a pair of scissors and a pile second-hand underwear. (WWD)
We could blame our absence at the Matthew Williamson for H+M party with Grace Jones last night on our tendency to get seasick, but that would be a sad, sad lie. (Elle)
If you ever wondered how of the upcoming The September Issue managed to get into Anna Wintour's dragon's den, here you go. (Making Of)
Turns out Agyness Deyn may have stolen her look from a mentally handicapped character from TV's Arrested Development. No, it's not Buster. (Flavor Wire)

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