This Unexpected Store Has The BEST Beauty Finds

Families have Costco; foodies have Dean & DeLuca. I have Bed Bath & Beyond. That's right — I'm almost as obsessed with this mega-chain as Broad City's Abbi, who has a special friendship dance with the store employees. I don't have a dance, but I do stop by every weekend. No, not to look at the humidifiers and shoe organizers, but to check out the World Market food selection, pick up paper towels, and, most importantly, browse the beauty section.
If you think the store is only for shower curtains and pillow inserts, you are seriously missing out. It's a well-known secret among those in the know that the "beyond" is where things get interesting.
Don't believe it? Click ahead to see all the surprising beauty products available at the store, then dig out a 20% off coupon (you know you have one) and meet me there on Saturday. Maybe we can choreograph our own little dance — after putting on our new lipstick.