You Won’t Believe What Beauty Products Used To Look Like

Some beauty products aced it the first time around. Take, for example, the humble eyelash curler. It hasn't changed much, if at all, since being patented in 1931. And while compact and even self-heating versions have come to market, time and time again, these bells and whistles fall short of the original. The same could be said of bobby pins, body-oil blends — even boar-bristle hair brushes.
Then, there are the products that look like torture devices are hardly recognizable in their early renditions. From face serums to razors to mascara, sometimes we wonder why anyone bothered with these difficult-to-use products and tools back in the day.
And hair? That's where things get really bizarre. Basically, any device that requires heat has come a long way. To wit: Early curling irons looked like cattle prods — and were just as dangerous. And the bizarre way that women dried their hair back in 1900 will leave you scratching your head.
Ahead, a look back at how common beauty tools and products have evolved over the years. It's likely that you'll be grateful for today's modern innovations.

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