What Was The First Perfume You Ever Wore?

Politicians are not allowed to flip-flop (though, we wish some of them would just flop, already). But beauty editors? Well, it's our job to evolve, to play the field, to change allegiance to certain ingredients or brands, and to admit when we were wrong (um, highlighting caps).
But there are some things, like a favorite fragrance, that inspire lifelong devotion. We'll never truly move on from a scent that reminds us of a first love, a semester abroad, or the way our mom would smell after getting ready at her vanity. Yes, we discover new fragrances that express fresh moods and outlooks, but that doesn't mean we part with the originals. The collection just grows.
Ahead, we ask a handful of beauty editors to take a little stroll down memory lane and tell us the first fragrance they ever wore, and what new ones they're currently obsessing over (Hint: It's a lot of Tom Ford). Though we won't be voting on these picks, you can tell a lot about a person from their signature scent.

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