The Solution To Achieving The Ultimate Beach Body Is Simpler Than You Think

Deviating from their usual barrage of snark, Gawker ran a story yesterday about a topic that we've all been beating to death: beach bodies. However, instead of the usual exercises, diet switch-ups, and hair and makeup tips, they've provided advice that's a whole lot easier on your nerves: Do nothing.
No exfoliating your dull spots or juicing off five pounds. No week-long gym marathons before your weekend at the beach, or cutting all the fun out of your meals for a month. Just. Do. Nothing. The reasoning behind this is simple: No matter what you look like, as long as you're not allergic to a little sun and water, anyone can enjoy the beach (and whoever's judging you while you're having fun is a big ol' asshole). Going to the gym, eating healthy, and all that grooming should be part of your lifestyle anyway, and not a last-minute effort to fit in, shoreside. "Never let some asshole tell you you're not beautiful enough to have fun." Amen! (Gawker)

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