Battle of the Snuggies, Carine Hates Flats, and Bruno’s NC-17 Rating

jodie-foster-taxi-driver-links-1When the weather gets hot, why not go for the light-and-lovely streetwalker look of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver? (The Frisky)
"My mum told me always to wear heels. If I'm not wearing heels, she says, 'What? You're in flats?' So whenever I see her, I make sure I have heels with me." —a justifiably terrified Restoin Roitfeld. (City File)
Are you a shopoholic, or is it just your time of the month? (The Cut)
Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno earned a revenue-killing NC-17 rating for subject matter, simulated but sex, and overuse of hair products. (Flavorwire)
Pity the poor coke-dealing F.I.T. students whose dreams of fashion were waylaid by muscle-bound cops and free drinks at Marquis. (Gawker)
It's the Snuggie, Slanket, Freedom Blanket, and Blankoat in a fight to the death. (Gizmodo)
Kanye "Martin Louis the King Jr," West gives reflected props to Jane "Sea of Shoes" Aldridge. A natural pairing if ever there was one. (Teen Vogue)

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