Fair, Locally Made Desert Boots (That Are Super-Cute…To Boot!)

There's nothing we love more than a designer collection that benefits charity. But we got particularly excited when the tables turned and a charity teamed up with a designer to create a product that supports two causes: our feet and their schools.
Enter Uwezo. This new shoe collection, which boasts fall's favorite accessories for girls and guys, the desert boot and the oxford, emerged from Empower African Children, which ding! ding! ding! helps the kids. The non-profit has been funding education programs in Uganda for high-risk and orphaned children since 2005, and in an effort to keep their programs afloat, they brainstormed a new way to serve the community that reached beyond just the classroom. They teamed up with legendary shoemaker Bata, and out came Uwezo.
But the do-gooding doesn't stop there. All aspects of production are community-supported and sustainable: Bata's environmentally friendly factories in Kenya and Uganda employ local workers with fair wages and humane conditions, and use the cowhides of local cows. Plus, these shoes are easy to find — starting in November, Uwezo will be available on their website or at Macy's. And if it wasn't obvious, the profits from the well-priced shoes ($140!) will go directly back into the charity and the community. It's not hard to wrap your head around this one: look good, do good.

Image: Courtesy of Uwezo

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