This Is Our Jam: Bat For Lashes, “Marilyn”

From Fur and Gold’s “Prescilla” and “Sarah” to Two Suns' standout “Daniel” to the recently released “Laura,” Natasha Khan has a special love for songs about specific people. Each story is different, but Khan often sings to advise or console her characters — as if her music was the only way she can get through to them.
Now, in keeping with that theme, we have the newly released "Marilyn." While “Laura” reintroduced us to Khan as an artist with her powerful voice front and center, “Marilyn”’s synths and maximal percussion show off Khan's love for sweeping pop songwriting. As Khan sings about the titular character, with lines like "Honey, you’re touching a star" and mentions of the silver screen, you'd be safe to assume it's Marilyn Monroe we're talking about here. Less personal than "Laura" but just as affecting, the celebrity icon joins Khan's pantheon of protagonists as a symbol of unattainable glamour and troubled humanity. The Haunted Man is out October 23 on Capitol.

Bat For Lashes—The Haunted Man

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