The First Time We Watched This Video We Gasped

Clair Marie can help you leap out of your comfort zone, literally. She knows more about it than anyone, after all. One of the youngest Base jumpers on record, she's been fearlessly launching herself off cliff ledges for more than a decade (since she was just 16), using her stratospheric bravery to inspire others to push their boundaries. “People are capable of a whole lot more than they think is possible,” she says. “Any time you’re challenged, you’re growing.” Marie, a native of California's Edenic Lake Tahoe, followed her appetite for adventure, first to snowboarding and rock climbing, before she discovered parachuting from peaks so high our knees buckle just looking at them. But Base jumping isn't just about the thrill of the fall. For Clair Marie, there's a freedom in assessing a risk and deciding that she can tackle it — the confidence of owning a challenge that she calls "massively empowering." While we're still working up the courage to break out our own parachutes, we couldn't cheer loudly enough for a woman who stares down at uncertainty and springs, limitless, into its arms.

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