Got Barre Fatigue? A Girls Star Shares Her Favorite Moves

barrehorizantalPhotographed By Aliya Naumoff.
Trendy barre workouts are here to stay; devotees swear by the targeted, pulsating motions to build a toned physique. But, if your regular routine is starting to bore you, it's time to mix it up. Shape tapped Allison Williams of HBO's Girls for her favorite moves from Exhale Mind Body Spa's Core Fusion Barre class, which just happen to be great for beginners, too.
Start by holding a two-minute forearm plank, then perform each of the five exercises, first as 10 full-range repetitions and then as 20 pulses (only moving one inch). Our favorite section is the prone work, moves completed laying down to strengthen lower back muscles — a common source of nagging aches.
Click through for the full Williams-approved total-body workout, then just wait for your HBO debut. (Shape)

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