Barbie As The Mona Lisa, Statue of Liberty, And Other Works Of Art

First there was the affair with Christian Louboutin, then a dress up session with Comme des Garçons, followed by the Gaga identity theft situation. But now, Barbie has turned to the art world to appear in some of the most recognized images in history. From surrealism to modern art, the fine art spectrum has welcomed the plastic diva and placed her into such works like Vermeer's Girl With The Pearl Earring and The Beatles' Yellow Submarine album art. Click through to see Barbie like you've never seen her before! (Barbie)
Above, from left: Barbie in "Venus by Milo"; Barbie in "Girl With the Pearl Earring," by Vermeer.
Above, from left: Barbie in "Mona Lisa", by Leonardo Davinci; Barbie in an Erwin Blumenfeld-shot Vogue cover.
Above, from left: Barbie as Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel; Barbie as the Statue of Liberty, by Bartholdi.
Above, from left: Barbie in a Helmut Newton photograph; Barbie as Nefertiti.
Above, from left: Barbie in Man Ray photograph; Barbie in The Beatles' Yellow Submarine Album Cover.
Above, from left: Barbie in "Dora Maar", by Picasso; Barbie in "The Portrait of Sylvia von Harden", by Otto Dixx.

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