THIS Is How To Take Prints To The Next Level

It’s hard to bounce back after a four-day string of nonstop indulging. But, throw some torrential downpours into the mix, and it becomes about 10 times more difficult. Yes, the post-holiday, rainy-day blues are in full swing in San Francisco, and the only cure is a burst of colorful inspiration.
Enter brand-new line Bandra-West. The S.F.-based company sources Indian designers and artisanal weavers and provides them with an outlet for production and discovery. So, you know you’re getting beautiful handmade items from some of the most talented global makers around. Founder Vikram Yeldandi, who hails from India, says, "I see a new generation of designers and artisans all over the world struggling now to find a way to grow in the global economy. Bandra-West is a platform that aims to work with contemporary designers who can partner with these artisans so that both can thrive in the modern world."
The line’s hue-soaked lookbook is a testament to that, with blogger Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow exploring around the Mission in the saturated, printed pieces. We dare you not to want it all.