5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 09 2012

Perhaps KStew's Balenciaga ad was highly anticipated for fall, but not to be forgotten are the other Steven Meisel snaps from the fashion house's newest season. Peep these contradictory (think shiny, luxe metallics against the barren desserts) and gorgeous pics. (Elle)
This man needs your help. It's urgent, it's on Kickstarter, and it has to do with a kitty garden party. Make that kitty-garden-party leggings. (Fashionista)
Pantone takes each human's uniqueness and translates it into a classic color palettes. Cool idea or something that reduces you to just another chip on the table? (Flavorwire)
M83 whips up the catchiest of tracks. But that's a given. Now, they're making something-super rad that you can wear on your feet while you tap along to the beat. (MTV Style)
We usually only like airplane food for the adorable, mini packaging, and not for the gourmet factor. Turns out, maybe it's the plane that's to blame. (Cool Hunting)
Photo: Via Elle

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