Home-Candy! This Hot Designer Shows Off His Brownstone Apartment Bachelor Pad

We love a guy that can think outside the whole leather-chair-and-chrome-accents decorating box, which is one of the many reasons we're digging Hyden Yoo's exquisite West Village abode. Indeed, this buzzed-about designer let us into his pad (a long-term sublet from a pal)—on the first floor of a townhouse that looks just like Carrie Bradshaw's—and we're falling for the giant windows, incredible light, and high ceilings, not to mention the complete lack of the requisite bare wall and giant flatscreen combo. Plus, the exotic prints, trippy art, and, uh, a giant Buddha head, serve as the perfect compliment to Yoo's clean collection, and, dare we say, classic, handsome looks. Lovin' the added street style of the kicks and caps, a Yoo signature you might not expect after peeping last year's Fashion Week show full of preppy-pretty-sleek pieces. Oh, and any straight man that sleeps with a sock monkey is worth a first-date. And hopefully a second.