Babe Stalking: Serious Hotties Found At The Daphne Guinness Exhibit

If you're not familiar with Babes at the Museum, it's basically a place to do some serious high-brow creepin'. Founder Xavier Aaronson is known to snap pics of cute gals while they peruse various cultural exhibits, and (obviously) found plenty of camera fodder at the Daphne Guinness exhibit opening at F.I.T. While Aaronson prefers to take photos of "people who usually get lost amidst the art or in a sea of people," we would never expect such wallflower behavior from Daphne Guinness' fans, let alone the lady of the hour herself. Check out the complete article for a bevy of beautiful, brainy babes whose style could give Daphne a run for her money. (Nowness)

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