Medicinal Styles: Ayurvedic Jeans Today, Pharmaceutical Hoodies Tomorrow!

ayurvedicjeansFeeling a little flat after a two-margarita lunch and a six-caipirinha dinner? Well, the owners of Make Your Own Jeans (a jeans manufacturer, naturally) suggest that the cure for all (or at least some) of what ails you is only a button-fly away. Dyed in a mix of 50 Ayurvedic healing herbs the pants, according to the deliciously nougaty PR release, are supposed to give, "an overall sense of well-being and pride in wearing an all-natural ancient process product, our entire family uses it and it should be on the list of must-try for every individual." Nice, huh? But, as always, we want more.
Look, even though we are longtime practitioners of many traditional regimens (cupping, yoga, leeching) we can't vouch for the healing properties (let alone the style) of these jeans. Still, they got us to thinking—in this era of modern chemistry, giant pharmaceutical corporations, space-age fibers, and designer collaborations, Western Civilization has fallen behind in the pursuit of medicinal streetwear. Imagine—a hoodie that can cure a hangover, a scarf that can treat depression, or panties infused with spermicide. It's a wonderful, chemical world we live in and pharmaceutical fashion is an idea who's time has come. Onward, science!

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