For Body Spray Users Incapable Of Cuddling, Axe Offers "Morning After Pillow"

Most men, as you know, enjoy a little cuddling after sexytimes. For Axe users, however, the very idea of laying with the beautiful woman with whom they have just spent the night is a nightmare to be avoided at all costs. Actual contact can cause victims to flee the building in a mad dash. Sad, right?
We don't know if it's some sort of chemical compound within Axe products that makes men so fearful of cuddling (we are guessing, yes, it is). Or is it reversed? Is wanting to use the company's body spray a symptom of some rare, as-yet-unidentified form of specified, situational haphephobia? Those are questions for the scientists who are, we assume, working hard on a cure for this terrible disorder.
In the meantime, however, this ad proposes a novel stopgap for victims — inflatable, Axe-scented pillows that can serve as intimacy surrogates for the women who encounter these men doing their best to live with this very difficult medical condition. It's not a solution, but for millions of victims, it's a start. (Business Insider)
Video: Youtube

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