No Snack Is Safe: Avocado Toast Has Even Come For Our Chocolate

At this point, there is woefully little left to say about avocado toast. It's a punchline! It's a cliché, albeit a creamy, delicious one. A few months ago, we even told you that the trend was officially over, thanks to greedy millennials pilfering the pitted fruits from well-meaning grocers. But avocados and the toast they're so well known for being spread upon are apparently not dead yet. Don't believe us? Three words for you, dear reader: Avocado. Toast. Chocolate.
Compartés, an artisan chocolatier beloved by the likes of Oprah and Mariah Carey, has introduced an avocado toast chocolate bar, complete with real avocados and, yes, even real toast. The limited-edition bars, which retail for $9.95 (hey, avocados are expensive, just ask the people stealing them!) are described on the company's website thusly: "Creamy white chocolate blended with premium California avocados and crunchy bits of caramelized toast create a crunchy, sweet unique chocolate sensation unlike anything you've ever tried before!"
Unlike anything we've tried before, indeed! To be honest, we're skeptical. While we love chocolate, avocados, and toast, we're not sure we need to meet the bar-shaped lovechild of the three. Yet, it does feel like it was only a matter of time before someone would create it — and who better than Compartés, a company that has already proven to know its way around an avocado/chocolate combo? These chocolatiers are devoted to avocados and, it would seem, millennial lifestyle trends more generally. Perhaps you remember this rosé chocolate bar?
And, to be fair, Compartés is far from the first company to apply avocados to the dessert realm. These days, there's avocado ice cream, avocado cheesecake, avocado cupcakes. You name it, somebody has jammed an avocado into it. Compartés may be the only one to involve the toast component, though.
The real question is — and, bear with me here, but in this analogy, avocados are six more weeks of winter and bespoke chocolatiers are a groundhog who may or may not have seen its shadow — does the existence of an avocado toast chocolate bar signal renewed vigor in the avocado machine, or is it just a beautiful, $10 death rattle? Only time (and the relative tastiness of this avocado toast bar) will tell.

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