Ashley Olsen Dons a Wig For V Man, Chooses Fashion Over Acting, and Uses Feminine Mystique To Promote Her Line

We'd already proclaimed Ashley Olsen a true businesswoman when she turned up at the Met gala in one of her own designs for The Row. And ever the hustler when it comes to hawking her goods, the former Full House star will even put on a wig for V Man in order to promote the new Row menswear line. Though women everywhere love her style, we wonder if men still see her as the tween star for which many a website was made dedicated to the day her and Mary-Kate would become legal. Maybe that's where the wig comes in, to age her a few years? She also insists that the menswear range will be "extremely masculine," and "ageless," but that it's definitely something she'll want "to take off" her man! Using feminine wiles to get what you want from the opposite sex—a trick out of the 'ol book, we tell you. But what we're more interested in is Ashley's declaration that she'd rather be part of the fashion industry than acting. Iiiinteresting. Check out the full spread by enlarging the images.

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