Armani For Gaga, Someone Tries Vajazzling, And Shaun White Doesn’t Know How To Shop At Target

But Freja, what has the peacock ever done to you? Freja Beja for Vogue Nippon. (PS: Let's welcome back Fashion Gone Rogue from their very brief hiatus!) (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Seems like Swarovski is getting their bling almost everywhere...and yes, ladies—even in your naughty bits. Introducing the new beauty trend we hope never catches on: Vajazzling. (The Luxury Spot)
Figure skating and fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here are some runway picks that we wish would show up on the ice. (Fashionista)
More Armani for Gaga! Check out a sketch from her upcoming Monster Ball costumes. Can you say Balmain on crack? (The Daily)
"I did the line at Target and I was actually able to go shopping. I'd never gone shopping in my life; I'd been sponsored since I was seven. I would walk through a warehouse and be like, 'yeah, that fits me, cool! I like this shirt, cool, four of them.' So I was blown away to go into a store, I was so in shock when they were like, 'the dressing room is right there.' I was like, 'really? You won't let me just try the pants on right here, like are you sure?' It was like learning to ride a bicycle in your twenties."—Shaun White who can defy gravity on a halfpipe, but can't figure out how to buy a pair of pants at Target. (Paper)

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