Sad News: An Ingredient In Foundation Has Been Linked To Asthma

A study presented today at the European Respiratory Society Annual Congress found that argan powder, an ingredient used in foundation, is linked to allergies and asthma. In the study, summarized on Medical Daily, researchers found that four out of nine cosmetics factory workers had symptoms of asthma or rhinitis when working with argan powder. While more research is needed, lead author Dr. Emmanuelle Penven states that the findings do demonstrate a connection between the compound and the ill health of workers.
While most of us makeup lovers are lucky enough to not be exposed to high levels of argan powder on the regular in the way that factory workers are, the findings of this study are just another example of the potentially serious allergens in commercial beauty products. Here's hoping that these findings will result in more rigorous testing of cosmetics, so that we can all enjoying worry-free primping. (Medical Daily)
arganPhoto: Via Medical Daily.

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