Are Leggings Bad For Your Body?

Here's your helping of pseudo-science of the day: The Daily Mail contacted physiotherapist Sammy Margo about the health risks of leggings (yes, you read right). Apparently, the same things we love in a good legging for (the shaping, sucking, supporting parts) also lead to a weakening of the muscles in your butt, thighs, and stomach. Because leggings camouflage wobbly bits so well, ladies become less motivated to "work on" those areas. The cure? Daily Mail suggests walking around with ankle weights, performing butt clenches, and—dauntingly—doing some sort of thing that involves "using a piece of string to aid core exercises." Genes, stress, and now leggings? It seems like we women have yet another thing to blame our extra winter padding on. (Daily Mail)

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