8 Ways To Prank Your Friends On April Fools' Day — The Kitschiest Holiday Of The Year

April Fools' Day is definitely the one of campiest (read: tackiest) holidays on the American calendar. (In this author's humble opinion, Christmas is the campiest, then Easter, then Halloween. Share your list in the comments). April Fools' Day in-particular conjures images of Hairspray’s Hardy-Har joke shop, fake vomit, and whoopee cushions.
It’s a pseudo-holiday that celebrates bad taste and mischief. But, we get a free pass to irritate our friends (or co-workers) with delightfully tacky jokes and props.
Ahead, we rounded up some pranks that remind us why we keep celebrating this oddball holiday. Part of the fun is in choosing the right target: You want to pick someone that will forgive you in the end, this is not the holiday for losing friends (that's what birthdays are for). Get ready to irritate your pals and become their retaliatory target in the process.

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