I Tried Being A Cider Farmer For A Day & Here’s What Happened

This fall, as the leaves began to change and the weather cooled down, I drove up to Samascott Orchards with my Refinery29 video crew. Located in Kinderhook, New York (about a 3-hour drive outside of NYC), this family-owned farm grows and sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and makes delectable hand-crafted pies, popcorn, cakes and, of course, fresh apple cider.
I've been an avid apple cider drinker for as long as I can remember... but how is apple cider actually made? And what is the real difference between apple cider and apple juice? 
In this episode of "Lucie for Hire" I put myself to the test and work alongside fourth-generation family farmer, Jake Samascott, all in the hopes of making the perfect batch of homemade apple cider. Having traveled to the farm so late in the season, I actually missed one of the most difficult parts of the process — harvesting the apples. The harvest is a tedious process that requires loads of ladder-climbing and heavy lifting.
Luckily, I got to begin the cider-making process once the apples were already picked, and I started out on the sorting line. In this episode, I walk you through the journey of an apple as it's ground up, layered, and pressed into the freshest and purest apple cider.
I even join Jake bright and early at the Union Square Greenmarket and do my best to sell the cider that I had made by hand! Check out the episode to watch the incredible cider-making process in action (and to see if I get "hired" the end).

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