Smart Solutions For EVERY New York Apartment Problem

Apartment hunting in New York City is a process marked by compromise: I love the light, but can I live without closet space? Or, the kitchen is great, but what about the bedroom, which is literally a bed-sized room? Many New Yorkers will say that this is what gives city living its charm — quirks and imperfections are part of the beauty of residing in storied buildings rich with history. And, though there's no denying the romance of a little roughness around the edges, there's also no shying away from the fact that our homes suffer from some (very common) small-space shortcomings — especially when, according to Trulia, the average New York rental is only 1046-square-feet. 
To make vast improvements to our home lives, we asked six New York-based interior designers for advice on how to make some of the most difficult living situations work, like surviving without a closet (screams!), or brightening up a space that lacks light. In the end, you shouldn't notice what your apartment's missing — all you should see is what makes it a place you love to call home.