Daily Diversion: Best Of Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg Photobombs

Okay Angelina Jolie's Right Leg, we're gonna let you finish, but Kanye West's interruption meme is one of the best award show viral parodies of all time. OF ALL TIME!
Though, with the gams popping up everywhere from kitty pictures to Abbey Road, Angie's stems, er, stem seems to be joining the ranks of James Van Der Beek and Sad Etsy Boyfriends as images we are swapping around the office faster than their creators can Photoshop. Our favorite? Well, double-leg Angie is pretty eerie, but the single leg floating ominously alongside the horse is pretty good, too. Check them all out on Buzzfeed, or submit your own in the comments! (Newsweek's Tumblr)

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