Andre Leon Talley’s Tips For Saving Money: Be Friends With Famous People

As someone who walks the line between living large (famed editor of
Vogue Magazine
) and living small (he eats at the same diner in White Plains, NY every evening and loves shopping at The Container Store), we really were interested in what André Leon Talley had to say to The Cut about pinching pennies. His advice, though, is a little hard to follow: Have nice friends who'll give you things for free. "I'm not going to go to the local theater to spend $12...when I can get a screening copy of a film." To clarify, Talley doesn't get screeners himself, but Whoopi Goldberg sure does, and he spent his last Thanksgiving at her place watching The First Grade with its producers. Says Talley, "Don't pay money for something you can get for free, and instead use the money you save for something more important. Why spend money on movies when you can spend it on gas? Or dry-cleaning? Or groceries?" A note to our own friends: Step it up! We've got bills to pay and free movies to watch! (As for really saving money, here's our guide to saving up for the holidays.) (The Cut)

Photo: Via NYMag


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