The Colorful Dresses Amy Winehouse Never Got To Wear

It’s been almost a year since the day in late July 2011 when Amy Winehouse’s long history of self-abuse brought an end to her short, loud life. With her (often disheveled) beehive hairdos, cat-eye makeup, smartly mismatched jewelry, and '50s girl-gang outfits, Winehouse’s personal style was almost as distinctive and memorable as her music — something acknowledged by a strangely touching fashion slideshow on The New York Times website. The collection of cocktail dresses, designed by Winehouse’s stylist, Naomi Parry, for a European tour ultimately cancelled by drugs, drink, and death, is colorful, creative, and downright cheery — a stark contrast to both the rough wears and black bodices we often associate with the singer and her sad, dark final act. (The New York Times)
Photo: Samuel Liebert via The New York Times

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