Watch: Just One More Reason To Wish Amy Poehler Was Your BFF

We're pretty sure that if we ever saw Amy Poehler on the street, we'd bypass the autograph/photo op stage and jump straight to level 5 stalker behavior: pretend we've been best pals forever and ever and just hope she plays along (what can we say, we've always been overachievers). So yeah, we're big fans. This video, in which our #1 answers questions from Tumblr fans at NYC's 92nd Street Y, is only making things worse. In fact, though we once devoted our affections entirely to Amy, we're now wondering if there's a way we can insert ourselves into her hilarious, tender marriage with fellow comedian Will Arnett. Maybe they're looking to adopt? Watch the vid below, and see how Amy makes Will cry (spoiler alert: "make love to him") and other steamy Poehler secrets.

Via Jezebel.

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