America's Next Top Model Tests The IQs Of All Its Contestants

Charisma, beauty, and a penchant for starting drama are all the qualities of our favorite America's Next Top Model contestants, and what we're sure the producers look for when putting together a season's cast. But a high IQ? Host Tyra Banks revealed to Glamour that it is ANTM policy to administer IQ tests to all potential models.
"We test the IQs every year as part of our screening process," Tyra said, to which CW's press rep followed up with this: "Testing basic intelligence is very common in reality shows, especially competition ones, and just one of several factors that are considered in the casting process."
For cycle 19's college edition, Tyra revealed that on the whole, the collegiate cast was smarter than the norm — but don't think that means there's any less hysterical mascara tears or catty morning breakfasts. "They may know a little calculus or statistics or whatever but they were still just girls fighting. There was one fight going on in the second episode about who's a real bitch. "'I'm a real bitch, no I'm a real bitch.' What? What is a real bitch anyway?" Good question, Tyra — class, anyone have the definition? (Glamour)

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