Two Americans Credited With Stopping Gun Attack On French Train

Photo: Philippe Huguen/AFP.
Two unnamed Americans are credited with subduing a gunman who opened fire on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris Friday, The New York Times reports. Several passengers were wounded in the attack.

Charles Michel, Prime Minister of Belgium, described the incident as a terrorist attack, though French officials have declined to categorize the attack as such. That said, the Paris prosecutor's anti-terrorism unit has taken charge of the investigation.

A 26-year-old man of Moroccan origin was taken into police custody when the train stopped in northern France. Witnesses say a gunman opened fire before being tackled by the two American passengers, one of whom was reportedly wounded in the melee. One of the Americans has also been identified as being as member of the military.

According to police reports, the American passengers were early to act, reportedly hearing the gunman load his weapon in a train bathroom before the confrontation. French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has credited the Americans for showing "great bravery" in their ability to “neutralize this extremely violent passenger."

"Without their sangfroid, we could have been confronted with a terrible tragedy," Cazeneuve added.

At this time, it's unclear how many passengers were wounded. Stay tuned as more details unfold.

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