America Votes: Your Pick for Michelle's Inauguration Gown

Current First Lady Laura Bush was never a fave of the high-line fashion set. Sure, de la Renta and Herrera have dressed her, but Mrs. Bush went for the relatively unknown Texan designer Michael Faircloth for her first inauguration gown. Incoming First Lady, Michelle Obama, however, has already become somewhat of an inspiration to designers everywhere. With her big smile, athletic body, keen fashion sense, and earthy graces, she's a unique model for fantasties of American royalty—so much so that WWD tapped a who's-who list of designers to craft up some speculative gowns for Inauguration Day. Now, none of these may be used, but, as is your right as an American, you can cast your vote in the comments below.
Above, left to right:
Christian Lacroix: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Super Shelly! Armed with her sparkling Purse of Justice and her Grace Jones 'do, she will make the nation safe for tacky French costumers once again!
Michael Kors: With this one-strap gown, Kors keeps it simple and sharp—which is probably what we need in a First Lady right now. Perhaps a tad too sexy though.
Above, left to right:
Diane von Furstenberg: Elegant, soft, and truly touching—the only flaw in this is that Obama's beautiful bod isn't really made for slips like this (also, it's winter people).
Betsey Johnson: A red, white, and blue Patti LaBelle prom dress? Betsey, we XOX you too, you crazy ol' alley cat!
Above, left to right:
Issac Mizrahi: The color would look magnificent on her skin, and the cut would show off those athletic shoulders—but sleeveless in mid-January?
Marc Jacobs: Canary yellow with a kimono sash—quite nice, Oh, and Marc, the lady is, you know… Black. Just sayin'.
Above, left to right:
Rodarte: Did you know that the future First Family are actually a brood of alien skeleton rabbits? No? Well the Mulleavy sisters seem to have an inside track on this. In any case, their beautiful gowns are far too dramatic for the occasion.
Zac Posen: Here's a case of a beautiful dress that really doesn't fit the challenge. Almost any woman would jump into this romantic ruffled pencil skirt and matching top. But for Inauguration Day? Grab this one, Mrs. Obama, and save it for your first State Dinner.
Above, left to right:
Koi Suwannagate: Now we're talkin'. Maybe a bit too much for the big day if done in white, but this wedding cake of a dress is something that perhaps only Michelle could pull off, provided Suwannagate adds a touch of color.
Chado Ralph Rucci: Last we checked, the future First Lady was not an abstract banyan tree. We'll have to check our sources on this one.

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