We Played THIS Viral Game With YouTuber Amber Scholl

If you're anything like us, the holidays have probably left you feeling more than a little broke. That's why we caught up with YouTube sensation Amber Scholl — one of the Internet's most brilliantly hilarious budgeting experts. She's become a cult favorite of broke girls everywhere thanks to her money-saving adventures like those Black Friday shopping expeditions and ticking off an entire holiday gift list at the 99 Cent Store. Unsurprisingly, Scholl's knack for making the most of her paper has garnered a robust following of bank account-conscious fans, and she counts over 1 million subscribers on her viral (not to mention genuinely hysterical) channel.
Since Scholl had already proven she'd dominate any challenge related to stretching your dollars as far as possible, Refinery29 lifestyle host Lucie Fink had to find something a little unconventional for them to play at 2017's VidCon. The result? A round of "What's In The Box," where the two ladies square off guessing what their hands are touching inside a cardboard container — no peeks allowed.
Press play above to catch their whole, giggle-inducing game. Watch out: you might just end up with a handful of cold, slimy cottage cheese.

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