Watch Artist Alexa Meade Literally Bring Art To Life

Painter and photographer Alexa Meade has made her mark on the art world by creating a body of work that plays with depth and our concept of real. She paints on humans, objects, and the space to create a two-dimensional scene. When photographed, the scene transforms into painting with Meade's bending depth technique. As you watch Meade and her assistants setup a scene, you can tell she knows exactly what she wants and where she wants the objects to go. This is not an easy task when mixing humans and objects into an installation. When painting the person she has to be incredibly conscious of the shadows and dips in the body so that she paints on the skin the way she would on a inanimate canvas. "You're asking humans to go through something that's not very human." It's life and art imitating each other — not one or the other. Watch as Meade pulls together a full blown installation with a perfectly painted scale and toilet bowl — as well as a person — to create a real-life painting commenting on our obsession with weight loss and body image.

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