The Future Of Airbrushed Makeup Is Here

If there's one word the beauty industry loves, it's "airbrushed." You'll find it slapped on primers, foundations, even translucent powders — but there's really only one product that can give you the true effect. And, it's a clunky, cable-ridden, heavy-as-hell airbrushing machine. At least, until now. Temptu, the leaders in the airbrushing game, are changing the rules next month with the first-ever handheld, cordless airbrush device. Temptu Air features the same compressed-air technology as the company's massive machine (you know, the one makeup artists lug to weddings and events), only in a small black gun that fits in the palm of your hand. No cables, no loud engine sounds — in fact, the battery-operated tool (which lasts three weeks before recharging with a USB port) fits snugly into most makeup bags and makes a quiet humming noise. Plus, it couldn't be easier to use: Just pop in one of Temptu's Airpods in your desired base shade, press the power button, and select your coverage (light, medium, or full), then pull the trigger a few inches from your face, misting in small, circular motions. You can do all-over foundation, zero in on trouble spots, or even swap out the pods for blush, bronzer, or illuminator. The best part? Your hands never touch your makeup or your face. As someone who's never airbrushed her base makeup before (seriously, who has the time?), I was surprised when this became a regular part of my routine — and the routines of everyone I know. I found myself airbrushing myself, my friends, and even my colleagues before after-work drinks. I was spraying on foundation, blush, bronzer, and illuminator — not just because of how fun the device is to use, but because of how perfect my makeup looked after I used it. (#Nofilter actually became a thing in my life.) The fine mist covered my acne and acne scars, the rosy blush made my cheekbones more pronounced, and the microfine bronzer was the best fake summer glow I've ever had — sans lines and streaks. Now, when I say my base makeup is airbrushed, I actually mean it. Temptu Air, $195, is available at QVC. Airpods are sold separately.

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