Aidós, Yma! A Style Obit for Songstress Sumac

Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chá varri del Castillo, better known to the world as the exotic songstress Yma Sumac, died earlier this month with only a ripple in the mainstream news media. Announced long after she actually succumbed to cancer, Sumac's passing got us thinking back to those curious, kitschy images on her '50s and '60s album covers. The Peruvian enchantress, whose music ranged from mambo-esque to operatic, was noted for her unique four-octave voice and her claim that she was Incan royalty. Certainly, that's her legacy—but we'll remember her for her amazing Mata Hari/Gypsy/Peruvian princess style. Ciao, Yma!

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