Agyness Deyn's Barneys Japan Collection Is Made For The 6-Foot Tall Treehugger

Put another break in Agyness Deyn's resume: Model, actress, and, she's collaborating with Barneys Japan to design a range of clothing. The collection consists of 11 items, which will include dresses, knits, t-shirts, and leggings that will be sold for $212 to $307. The problem with most model-designed lines is that they usually seem to be designed for a very specific group of women—namely, models themselves: The six-foot tall, size-2 glamazons who can make burlap sack look like couture. And from the released product images, we think the same thing happened here with the frumpy length of the dress (as well as that cowl neck) or the distressed rugby-striped shirt with the weird armpits that looks as if it were actually made of burlap, which would probably only look good on someone with Agyness' exact dimensions. But we can't bellyache too much: The collaboration is part of a larger Barney's project, "Go Green Go," which donates proceeds to planting trees in Mongolia. A cowl-necked, calf-length dress for the arboreally inclined? Now that's one very specific clientele. (WWD)

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