14 Celebrities Who Never Seem To Age

There are plenty of people who never seem to age. Usually, though, it's thanks to the work of a very skilled cosmetic surgeon or photo editors who airbrush the life out of every magazine cover.
For these 14 stars, though, it's casting choices that have them forever stuck in time (though having a perpetually youthful complexion certainly doesn't hurt). One actress may be saddled with mom roles well before her time. Another may be playing teenagers while she's closing in on 30. And, how could Jared Leto possibly be in his 40s?
Of course, if Hollywood went strictly by an actor's age, Tom Cruise might be playing AARP-card-waving grandpas instead of action heroes who look to be anywhere between 30 and 50. Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Lawrence would be out of the YA racket, and viewers would have to accept that Viola Davis really isn't actually that old. Can you imagine?
Behold, 14 celebrities who seem to be stuck in time. Think there's some cryogenic chamber we don't know about?

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