Update: Two-Legged Kitten Ditches Wheelchair

Update: And now the story of a little kitten that could. Just last month, rescue organization TinyKittens brought us Cassidy, a rescue who was being outfitted with a wheelchair. Less than 30 days later, we find out that Cassidy is walking, sans wheelchair, in a new adorable video.

This is why we call Cassidy our #MiracleKitten. <3His rescue story: TinyKittens.com

Posted by Tinykittens on Wednesday, 21 October 2015
First, Cassidy gets some help from humans while learning to walk on two legs. Then, the #miraclekitten starts to walk — and run — without any help. Those in need of a major pick-me-up today should watch the video above, then head on over to the livestream. This story was originally published September 29, 2015.
Sometimes a story so adorable and sweet comes around that you must drop everything to write it up. Today, this is that story. TinyKittens, a rescue organization in Langley, British Columbia, saved a little 9-week-old kitten from starvation, who had lost two of his legs. “When he was first brought in, he was emaciated,” a vet told Langley Advance. “Really, we didn’t know if he was going to make it." Nicknamed Cassidy, the kitten was taken in by TinyKittens' founder Shelly Roche. “He needed meds, fluids, and syringe feeding every few hours around the clock for the first week," Roche told Buzzfeed. Since then, however, Cassidy has slowly been gaining strength, shown through a live feed on the TinyKittens website. Cassidy gained such a following that he caught the attention of Handicapped Pets Canada, which then outfitted the kitten with a tiny wheelchair. Two more wheelchairs were donated as well.

Bipawd #MiracleKitten Cassidy takes his first steps in his new wheelchair -- totally unassisted. Just amazing. <3This tiny feral kitten lost both back legs when he was born, and somehow managed to survive for nine weeks in the forest. It is a medical miracle that he survived even a day with such severe injuries, let alone nine weeks. His little body had just about given out from starvation and infection by the time we rescued him, but he never gave up! Thanks to the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital for giving Cassidy the chance he fought so hard for, and to Andrew at HandicappedPetsCanada.com for making the tiniest wheelchair he's ever made just so Cassidy wouldn't have to wait to feel the wind in his glorious floof.And our heartfelt thanks to those who have donated for Cassidy's medical expenses, sent supplies, made stump covers, shared posts and offered encouragement.... each of you has played a role in this tiny miracle! Watch Cassidy on our livestream, 24/7 at http://tinykittens.comMore about what we do: http://tinykittens.com/programs

Posted by Tinykittens on Saturday, 26 September 2015
Eventually, Roche hopes to transition Cassidy out of a wheelchair and get him implants or prosthetics, but right now, the wheelchair does just fine. "He's going to get the best home ever," she says. Watch Cassidy's livestream here.

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