Uh, Adam Levine’s New Perfume Will Smell Like His Personality

Adding to the eternal crush of celebrity fragrances comes a forthcoming scent by Maroon 5 singer and freshly-minted reality TV star Adam Levine. According to a press release, the scents for men and women – named 222 – will “reflect Levine's personality and style.”
At first blush, this sounds like a good idea, but we smell a problem. There’s no denying that Mr. Levine is truly handsome, fairly stylish, and a guilty fantasy of men and women. But notes based on his personality? Hmmm.

Let’s remember, folks, that when he’s not being a poppy, content-light hit maker or selling his questionable credibility on The Voice, Levine can be found offering up interviews touting his own sexual prowess, or suggesting that the best birth control method is pulling out. Take away the face, body, and voice, and he’s pretty much that guy at the
bar who sends over an appletini and then asks if you want to taste something, “really sweet.”

Now raise your hand if you want your BF or your own body to smell like that. Any takers?

Photo: Via Cosmopolitan

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