A Louis Vuitton Trashbag Purse For $2,000 Is All Sorts Of Ridiculous

Well, this is ridiculous. Remember the ugliness that was Louis Vuitton spring '10 ? Here's the latest accessory to hit the market: The "Raindrop Besace" purse that retails for a jaw-dropping $1,960. To be fair, perhaps Marc Jacobs was going for that whole postmodernist thing about reappropriating culturally base materials and turning them into status symbols—but when you boil it all down, it's still just a trash bag with a leather handle that costs as much as a month's worth of rent. If you're kooky enough to purchase one yourself, just remember the words of the sage, Pauly D: "And in walks this girl with like garbage bags. I thought that was kinda like ghetto, and like...weird." Our thoughts, exactly. (Trend Hunter)

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