A Fashionable Foodie's Dream: A Personalized Krug Bike Tour

A champagne bike tour can turn out two ways: a sloppy drunken (and, umm, dangerous) mess or an chic and elegant afternoon straight out of a Manet. Luckily, Krug's epicurean bike tour, that took place last Thursday, was most certainly the latter. In a testament to its success, their continuing the fun by offering custom bike tours all summer long. Think vintage bikes, gourmet food, and ice cold flutes of Grand Cuvée through drop-dead gorg NYC hoods. Last week's tour traveled to Dickson's Farmstand in New York's Chelsea Market, took a jaunty ride through Central Park, and finished the day at a private penthouse suite at the Essex House for a fabulously fresh meal. Sounds like a fashionable foodies pipe dream, right? Well make that wish come true—instead of having, say, a boring old dinner party, why not spice up your entertaining skills with Krug's private bike tour, customized to your liking. Krug, Silkstone Gourmet and the pleasure seeker (that'd be you) will all collaborate to craft a one-of-a-kind experience. Each private tour is designed for 10-15 people, with a sticker price of $12K. A lofty price tag, for sure, but if you and your friends want to go dutch, it could be a chic gourmand's day in heaven.
For all inquiries contact 646-861-1545.

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