5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Oct 25 2015

Photographed by Lucy Hewett.
According to Shape, our diets are sorely lacking in iron, even though it's especially important for women's health. If you think you're one of the many who have been neglecting your intake of this mineral, start with these 10 iron-rich recipes.

If you're more concerned with keeping your cooking cost-effective, Well + Good has you covered. Check out these five healthy recipes that won't break the bank.

Not all of us are blessed with a personal trainer (unless inspirational Beyoncé quotes count as a personal trainer?). Luckily, Prevention is sharing eight trainer health secrets with us normals.

All you need for this killer workout is a resistance band. These eight moves from Self will work your whole body in a simple, heart-pumping routine.

A week of Halloween parties is fast approaching, and you've more than earned the good time you're going to have. But, new research has shed some alarming light on the differences between people's perception of their drinking and how much they actually imbibe. Just some food for thought before you hit the town.

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