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Kevin McCarthy abruptly dropped out of the House Speaker race. It is now unclear when the election of a new speaker will take place. (New York Times)
Ben Carson revealed that he once had a "gun held on" him in a "Popeye's organization." He reportedly said, "I believe that you want the guy behind the counter." (Chicago Sun-Times)
A massive coral bleaching crisis is currently unfolding due to warmer ocean temperatures, endangering reefs and the creatures that call them home. (CNN)
UCLA sorority and fraternity members wore blackface and baggy clothes to a Kanye West-themed mixer. (Los Angeles Times)
Celebrity cat Lil BUB is releasing a full-length debut album about her "universal adventure." The album will be titled Science & Magic. (Pitchfork)
A group of 32 Democrats penned a letter criticizing the TSA's treatment of transgender passengers. The Congress members' letter urges the TSA to review current practices that "subject transgender travelers to inequitable or improper treatment." (Buzzfeed News)
Stephen Hawking may be one of the greatest scientific minds of all time, but he still finds women an "intriguing mystery." This was in a Reddit AMA. (Business Insider)
Rihanna's eighth studio album is called ANTI and will be the first to feature physical braille on its cover art. It also shows an elementary-aged Rihanna with a gold crown over her eyes and a black balloon in her grip. (Billboard)
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