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Doctors Without Borders is pulling out of Kunduz following an “inexcusable” air strike that destroyed its hospital and killed 22 people. (New York Times)
Amber Rose’s L.A. SlutWalk drew hundreds. Even Rose’s mother got into the spirit, walking with a sign that read “F*CK YO 30 showers." (Huffington Post)
Israeli police limited Palestinian access to Jerusalem’s Old City. This occurred after two knife attacks left a young Israeli boy wounded and four dead, including the assailants. (The Guardian)
The Oregon shooter’s father has urged Congress to adopt stricter gun legislation. "It has to change. How can it not?" he said. (CNN)
Google dropped “Don’t be evil” from its code of conduct. New parent company Alphabet only advises employees to “Do the right thing." (The Verge)
A real man named Santa Claus is running for office in North Pole. Finally, a candidate we can believe in. (New York)
The U.S. Coast Guard is still searching for a cargo ship that disappeared near the Bermuda Triangle during Hurricane Joaquin. The 33 crew members are still missing. (International Business Times)
One bride’s mother had to dive into a New Jersey dumpster — and landfill — to save her daughter’s Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. (Elle)

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