8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Sep 14 2015

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A state of emergency is declared in California as wildfires grow to over 547
square miles

As if California’s drought crisis wasn’t enough to deal with, twin wildfires in the north continue to destroy buildings and force families from their homes. Since the blaze colloquially known as the Valley Fire erupted on Saturday afternoon, four firefighters have been injured and over 100,000 acres have been reduced to ash. (New York Times)
A new billboard in Kim Davis hometown mocks her antiquated idea of marriage

Planting Peace, a non-profit organization dedicated to “spreading peace in a hurting world,” has erected a billboard supporting marriage equality in Morehead, Kentucky, the hometown of the nation’s most controversial county clerk Kim Davis. The ad is intended to remind Davis, and her supporters, that if we adhered to the Bible’s vision of a “traditional marriage,” all that’d be necessary to win a woman’s hand in marriage would be some plump goats and a cow. (Refinery29)
Sia is co-directing a documentary about her life. It better have at least an hour’s worth of shirtless Shia LeBeouf scenes.

Blond specter Sia is finally letting us behind her oversized wig: the singer is teaming up with her director husband Erik Anders Lang to bring her life to the big screen. The Untitled Sia Documentary Project will be one of the first movies released by Lang’s new production company Pictures. The documentary isn’t Sia’s only film project in the works — the infamously shy artist also penned a screenplay called Sisters in which Maddie Ziegler is slated to star. (Jezebel)
College students will now be able to apply for federal aid earlier than ever meaning they’ll start opting to add guacamole to their burritos in record time

President Obama is following through on his promise to combat the rising cost of college: after floating a plan to eliminate tuition costs for community college, the White House has announced a new method of applying for federal aid that will make Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FASFA, forms available three months earlier. Government officials hope these changes will make aid more accessible and increase the number of low-income students furthering their education. (CBS News)
An exclusive all-male social club at Harvard will finally welcome women members because 2015 is as good a time as any to stop being sexist

While you would think that being affiliated with such an elite institution as Harvard would lead to a certain degree of enlightenment when it comes to gender equality, the university’s own Spee Club, a storied social club that counts John F. Kennedy as an alum, managed to avoid inviting female students to rush up until this very semester. While the Spee Club has taken a step towards progress, Harvard still has six other social clubs that only admit men. (Boston Globe)
Minions decimated Chinas box office; the global nightmare isn’t over yet

After making an estimated $20.1 million on its opening day (yup — one day) in China, Minions is now the second biggest animated movie ever, only failing to trump Frozen’s massive global gross. Currently Minions' worldwide intake total stands at $1.08 billion, proving that Universal and Illumination’s $593 million promotional campaign was money well spent. (Deadline)
A radio host is suing Taylor Swift after being fired for allegedly groping the singer; guess the accusations have him seeing Red

Taylor Swift is being sued by a Denver radio personality who says that allegations that he nonconsensually grabbed the singer’s butt caused him to lose his job. David Mueller of the morning show “Ryno and Jackson” has denied any wrong doing although Swift’s publicist told AP that proof of the groping was given to the radio station’s higher-ups. (Entertainment Weekly

An artist is creating menstrual blood portraits of Donald Trump and donating the proceeds to an immigrants rights organization.

As Trump continues to punish us for all of our sins by chasing the Republican bid for president, one woman artist is attempting to balance the damage he’s wrought. Inspired by Trump’s claims that Fox News host and GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever,” Portland’s Sarah Levy used the blood that came out of her wherever to paint the politician’s likeness. The portrait is available for purchase online and all proceeds from the sale will go to support immigrant rights. (Buzzfeed)

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