This A.M.

Colorado will lift the tax on weed for a single day; Denver’s 7-Elevens better stock up on snacks that are covered in cheese dust. (Time)
Queen Elizabeth II made history as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch; the United States’ Queen Bey still has a ways to go. (The Telegraph)
John Kerry says the U.S. is committed to accepting more Syrian refugees. (New York Magazine)
Rupert Murdoch (the billionaire who doesn’t believe in climate change) is buying Nat Geo (the poster of all those pretty whale pics on Instagram). (Washington Post)
NYC will require restaurant chains to display a salt warning on their menus, so you’ll have to ignore some more information while ordering late-night fries. (Newsday)
Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers bribed CIA officials for inside info. Turns out everyone’s susceptible to gifts of tequila and pearls. (Vice)
A (selfish) silver lining to some of the global stock market turmoil we’ve been seeing? Some trips abroad are getting cheaper. (Yahoo Travel)
A Life-Size sequel is actually happening, so you better brush up on the lyrics to “Be a Star.” (Hollywood Life)

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