8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Sep 10 2015

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Colorado will lift the tax on weed for a single day, which means Denver’s 7-Elevens better stock up on snacks that are covered in cheese dust.

Due to Colorado’s unusual tax law that requires any new taxes to be waived if overall state collections exceed initial projections, the state is suspending taxes on recreational marijuana purchases for a single day. On September 16th, the 10% sales tax and 15% excise tariff will be lifted, yet a separate 2.9% sales tax will still apply. Officials predict that the one tax-free day could cost Colorado between $3 and $4 million. (Time)

Queen Elizabeth II makes royal history as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, the United States Queen Bey still has a ways to go.

At about 17:30 BST, the 89-year-old Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest-reigning monarch in British history, passing the record set by her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, in 1901. The Queen, who succeeded her father King George VI at the age of 25, will have reigned for 63 years and 7 months. There have been 12 U.S. presidents during her time on the throne. (The Telegraph)

Rupert Murdoch (the billionaire who doesn’t believe in climate change) is buying Nat Geo (the poster of all those pretty whale pics on Instagram).

21st Century Fox is buying a majority of National Geographic for $725 million. The yellow-spined magazine — a million old copies of which are stacked in your grandfather's attic — has been a non-profit since it was founded in 1888. Fox's chief executive says there are no immediate plans to change the magazine. (Washington Post)

New York City will require restaurant chains to display a salt warning on their menus so you’ll have to ignore some more information while ordering late-night fries.

New York City’s Board of Health voted unanimously to require chain restaurants to display a warning symbol next to menu items that exceed the daily recommended amount of sodium. The average American ingests about 3,400 milligrams of salt every day; the American Heart Association sets sodium limits at no more than 2,300 mg, or about a teaspoon, a day. New York is the first American city to call for sodium warning labels. (Newsday)

John Kerry says U.S. is committed to accepting more Syrian refugees.

Secretary of State John Kerry met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to discuss the escalating refugee crisis in Europe. Leaving closed-door meetings with the House and Senate Judiciary committee, Kerry told reporters that the U.S. is “committed to” increasing its worldwide quota for resettling refugees though he did not elaborate on how many would be taken in or when. Kerry did say that President Obama wants the U.S. to take a leadership role on humanitarian issues. (New York)

Zero Dark Thirty filmmakers bribed CIA officials for inside info. Turns out everyone’s susceptible to gifts of tequila and pearls.

According to a CIA ethics report released by Vice News, Zero Dark Thirty director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal gained unprecedented access to CIA agents by offering gifts like pearl earrings and one eight-hour shopping spree that included a stop at Prada. Boal was even invited to a classified awards ceremony with the Navy SEALs who killed Bin Laden. The CIA inspector general referred the violations to the U.S. Department of Justice which refused to prosecute. (Vice)

A (selfish) silver-lining to some of the global stock market turmoil we’ve been seeing? Some trips abroad are getting cheaper.

While you'd never know it if all you watched was the presidential candidates, the U.S. economy is actually doing pretty well — especially in relation to some other countries out there. If you're looking to make your greenbacks stretch, think about vacationing in Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia, or Brazil this autumn. (Yahoo Travel)

A Life-Size sequel is actually happening so you better brush up on the lyrics to “Be a Star.

Your favorite Disney Channel Original movie about a toy doll coming to life is getting a sequel: Tyra Banks confirmed to Hollywood Life that she is working with Disney Channel executives to develop a script for Life-Size 2. “Life-Size is so precious,” the FABLife host said. “It’s just like their baby, so they just want it perfect.” It’s unclear whether Lindsay Lohan will reprise her role as the doll’s tomboy owner, but as Banks said, “You never know.” (Hollywood Life)

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