Stock Up On These Shu Uemura Products Before They Leave The U.S. Forever!

Shu Uemura, one of Japan's most famous cosmetics brands, announced on March 30 that they are shutting down their US operations and leaving the U.S. market. To the dismay of many Shu enthusiasts, that they are withdrawing the company in order to focus on larger brands in their portfolio. Perhaps one of the only cosmetics companies to provide products suited for Asian faces, Shu Uemura is best known for their array of false eyelashes and cleansing oils. So, if you count yourself among the throngs of Americans who believe in their products, hurry over to your nearest Shu Uemura boutique or department store to stock up on your favorite items. Don't have the time? Not to worry, products are still available for American consumers online.
Our top 4 favorite Shu Uemura products after the break!
1. The Pink Collection Warm and Sheer Lip Duo Set—If you're looking for rosy tones perfect for the summer, Shu Uemura offers up a delicious option with this pink lipstick and gloss duo set.$45, available here.
2. Mini Eyelash Curler—A pocket-sized version of Shu Uemura's emblematic eyelash curler, the mini eyelash curler offers all the precision and performance of its big sis without taking up too much room. The mini curler's smaller head allows you to reach smaller inner and outer lashes, and is curved to suit all eye shapes. $17, available here.
3. High Performance Cleansing Oil—This limited Edition Cleansing Oil is adorned with graphic designs thanks to a collaboration with renowned manga artist and beauty expert Moyoca Anno. A lightweight cleansing oil, this will leave your skin feeling fresh and refined. $65, available here.
4. Smoky Layers False Eyelashes—Perfect for achieving that extra oomph, these layers of thin black lashes provide a quick approach to upping the volume of your lash line. $27, available here.