8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jun 15 2015

Photo: Rex USA
We're not even being punny: Jurassic World had the biggest opening weekend ever, raking in an estimated $511.8 million worldwide. Good thing Chris Pratt has signed on for the sequel. (Entertainment Weekly)
This guy invented a shoe that can grow with children up to five times, to help poor barefoot kids in Kenya. He's raising money to give them to more needy children, but he might want to try marketing these things to all parents. (Upworthy)
As they have since Hope Solo was first charged with domestic violence, Nike is "sticking by" the U.S. Soccer goalie, despite the recently revealed details of her arrest. (TMZ)
Brace yourself for some sad, sad pics of dead animals (plus a very cute, still alive hippo) if you decide to click on this story about the zoo in Tsibili, Georgia, which was destroyed in a flood this weekend, resulting in the escape of its four-legged residents. (BBC News)
Yowch! 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford had a nasty run-in with the pyrotechnics during the band's show at Wembley Arena in London on Saturday night and had to leave the stage mid-encore. He later tweeted a pic of himself bandaged up but doing fine. (MTV)
Singer Keri Hilson set off a Twitter firestorm of her own after saying that Black people should thank Rachel Dolezal for her civil rights work. (Billboard)
Speaking of Dolezal, is a movie about the race poser inevitable? (Variety)
Now this is a movie we're looking forward to, because can it even be real? Russian man Valery Spiridinov says he hopes to undergo a "head transplant" by 2017. (Telegraph)

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